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What makes you happy?

Do you start each day with a smile?

What can you do to improve your day to day happiness?

Research shows that you can work on improving your happiness in tangible ways that have real effects on your mood and overall level of happiness.  Some of these things are very easy, even silly to do, some are much more difficult but perhaps something that you can work towards.

Let’s start with something very easy.  SMILE. That’s it, just smile.  I had a client who had real difficulty with this one and said that they had nothing to smile about. My suggestion was to look in the mirror every morning and try to smile if that wasn’t possible she was to take her toothbrush and put it between her teeth sideways so that her mouth was in the smile position, it turns out that looking that silly each morning is enough to make most of us smile.

The second thing is something I talk about a lot, Gratitude. Logging all the things you have to be grateful for every day is a great way to show yourself how far you have come.

Connection. I also believe that a number of good quality connections or relationships are key to improving happiness, this is not an easy one but it is probably the one with the greatest return on investment. Do something nice for someone you care about it will make you just as happy as them.

Passion. Work on something that you love. It doesn’t matter if it is your job, a hobby, something you volunteer on, writing, painting, or singing.  Do something every week that you love and are passionate about.

Get out into nature. Nature is a great healer if you can take some time to go out there and enjoy it.  Beach, park, forest, river walk it doesn’t matter just go out and look at the beauty around you. Breathe it in. Let it ground you.

Meditate. I cannot recommend this enough for improving overall happiness and wellbeing.  There are so many aps and online courses available, many for free. Take the time and give it a chance after a month you will notice a difference.

Go a little easy on yourself. When it is hard to be happy that is okay too.  Everybody has tough days the key is knowing that “this too shall pass” and things will improve. Give yourself a treat of some time out for yourself, a bath or walk or listening to your favourite music.

Finally try not to take yourself too seriously. Remember how to play.  Skip down the street with a friend. Play with your kids or your friends kids if you do not have your own or they are far too grown up to play with you.  Teach them the games you played as a child and remember how much fun you had. Maybe leave out the ones that caused actual bodily harm such as red rover.

As always if you are struggling with any of this message me and ask for help.


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