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Meditation has been around a long time but it can be misunderstood a lot of the time.  Meditation is a practice meaning you get better over time, with practice. Starting off can be confusing and distractions are everywhere.  In the beginning your mind wanders and you are very easily distracted but if you can stick with it and gently bring your thoughts back on track each time it gets easier and easier.  As you practice you will find that you improve a little each time and over time meditation can reduce stress, increase calmness, improve focus and promote wellbeing and happiness.

The benefits are now being explored in more and more scientific ways (Thorpe, 2017) and the number of people who espouse the benefits of meditation grows daily from elite athletes to famous actors, leaders and business people many of whom will cite the benefits to their careers and daily life (NY Times online).

So I ask you what have you got to lose?  There are dozens of aps available for download and hundreds of articles and books on the subject take the time and do yourself the favour of looking into what might work for you.  As little as ten minutes a day can help you to rewire your brain and become more focused, calm and resilient.

You can find several on our recommended charity site

Search for a guided meditation you can start with as little as a minute and build up to ten to fifteen minutes a day to sharpen your resolve in so many areas of your life.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or want personal guided meditations.

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