Habits,  Hope,  Positive Psychology,  Resilience


Hope can be a funny thing it is defined as a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen, a feeling of trust or simply put when we want something to happen or be the case.  It can however be very elusive especially in times such as these when it feel like life is on hold and we are anxiously waiting for a reprieve.  It is however times like these when hope it most important.

Hope allows us to be optimistically confident that there will be a positive outcome.  Being hopeful allows us to anticipate a return not just to normal but to a better version of the world than we had. 

I am not suggesting that we be unrealistic in our hope or indeed our expectations there is a paradox (often called the Stockdale Paradox) that being unrealistically hopeful leads to bitter disappointment and is ultimately bad for your mental health.  I am suggesting that focusing on the positives around you and the good news stories that abound during this time of crisis that we can realistically see an end to our current difficulties and a resumption of a world where we are more aware of what is important and what we really need to be happy and healthy.

Hope like resilience can be in short supply and so I ask you to work on building up you reserves every day.  Write a note to yourself of what you hope to do once restrictions are lifted and life is returning to normal.  Write about what new habits you hope to keep up after you are back to regular work and family life.  Write about what you hope you can leave behind forever and believe that these will all come true in the near future.

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