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    Tiara 10 x 10k – A Lust For Life

    Hello there, this is a personal story for a change. As part of my plan to do something positive during Covid19 I have signed up to do the VHI virtual mini marathon in October. SO as of today i have 75 days to get in shape to do 10k a day for 10 days in October in aid of A Lust For Life. A Lust For Life is an amazing charity that I have been working with during Covid19. They are a brilliant team and do a wonderful job including getting a psychological first aid platform up and running within weeks of lockdown beginning. I am very proud to be…

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    What makes you happy?

    Do you start each day with a smile? What can you do to improve your day to day happiness? Research shows that you can work on improving your happiness in tangible ways that have real effects on your mood and overall level of happiness.  Some of these things are very easy, even silly to do, some are much more difficult but perhaps something that you can work towards. Let’s start with something very easy.  SMILE. That’s it, just smile.  I had a client who had real difficulty with this one and said that they had nothing to smile about. My suggestion was to look in the mirror every morning and…

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    Self Determination Theory

    At the moment we are all being forced into a situation that most of us would not chose, Isolation.  The lack of self determination we are currently feeling is adding to the stress and discomfort that we are feeling. My interest in Self Determination Theory (SDT) stems from the question of coercion and how that makes a difference to how motivated and involved you are to engage in something and to what the likely outcome will be namely do you engage, and encourage others to engage. SDT stems from an Arostoletian view of human development.  We are integrating Organisims with a coherent sense of self. This is a psychodynamic and…

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    Hello there, today I wanted to talk a little bit about giving.  Some people say that there is no such thing as a truly altruistic act and to a certain degree I agree with this.  There is always a pleasure innate in giving something away.  I have always found that I get a great deal more in return. For me as I am sure many of you the ability to give money at the moment is difficult and so I would ask you to look at other ways to give.  Time is the most valuable resource that you have and so giving a little of your time to a friend…

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    Showing gratitude is a simple way to increase your mood reduce stress and improve wellbeing. It is also contagious to those around you.