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Boosting Happiness

What can we do every day to improve our happiness?  Well the first thing that The Happiness School wants you to do is remember how to be happy!

When you were a child you could play for hours and you imagination and friends, (and imaginary friends!) were all part of a rich tapestry that was generally a happy experience.  As we age we learn that there are many responsibilities and things we must learn and you slowly forget how to be happy.

A few things that we can do to help keep happiness on our agenda

  • Make positive memories – focus on them and remember them often
  • Spend happy – realise what really makes you happy and spend your time and money on that
  • Pay attention to the good stuff – we so often ignore all the good and focus on the bad
  • Reduce negative self-talk – would you speak to your best friend the way you do to yourself?  Be your own best friend!
  • Journal – writing down the happy in each day helps you to focus on the good
  • Practice – do one thing every day that makes you happy.
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